BPE Plasmid Technology

What is the BPE?

The BPE plasmid technology is a high yielding, ultra-low cost, selection marker free plasmid technology developed by Pegasus Biotech.

How does the BPE work?

The BPE uses a novel bacterial origin combined with a genetically modified e. coli to drive ultra-high yields in an antimicrobial free environment.

Both the origin and genetically modified bacteria are made up of IP owned by Pegasus Biotech. Replication of the plasmid is thermoregulated, allowing us to maximize fermentation yields.

BPE plasmid vs. commercial plasmid

Fig 1. Increased transfection/expression of tGPF with the BPE plasmid vs. commercial plasmid.

Characteristic Conventional Vaccines Conventional Plasmid Technology Other Novel DNA Technology mRNA Pegasus BPE
Development Time Long Short-medium Short-medium Short Short
COGS Low High Very High High Low
Safety Profile Variable Variable Excellent Excellent Excellent
Multivalent Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Storage Variable 2-8°C 2-8°C -80°C 2-8°C
Shelf Life Variable Long (>24 months) Variable Short Long (>24 months)

Fig 2. The BPE technology was developed to have a best-in-class combination of features for rapid development, low COGS, easy storage, and the best possible safety profile

Benefits of the BPE

Design Requirement The BPE Platform
Fast Development Times Being a platform, any gene(s) of interest can be inserted into the BPE technology and produced using a plug-and-play manufacturing process and suite of pre-developed analytical methods.
Low COGS The BPE was developed to be the lowest cost plasmid technology available on-market.
Safety Profile By having no selection marker and minimal bacterial components the BPE technology reduces the risks posed by conventional DNA vaccine technology.
Multivalent Having a backbone <1000 nucleotides, there is substantial room in the plasmid to carry multiple GOI’s.
Storage Being DNA, the BPE technology is highly stable at 2-8ºC.
High Expression The BPE technology was developed to have industry leading expression of the GOI.

Quantification of BPE Expression


Cells were transfected with a BPE plasmid carrying a tGFP gene at the same number of copies/cell and at the same mass of plasmid/cell. The BPE plasmid had 4X the expression at the same numbers of copies/cell, and 7X the expression when transfected at the same mass of plasmid/cell. In real world applications, by being able to use a lower dose can drive extremely low COGS.