qPCR Assay Development

qPCR DevelopmentqPCR (quantitative PCR) measures the amplification of DNA in real time unlike conventional PCR that measures at the end of cycling. qPCR is extensively used for DNA copy number detection, gene expression, SNP genotyping, adventitious (bacteria, fungi, viruses, mycoplasma) agent detection, drug R&D, biologics testing, cloning and many other applications in the field of genomics.

Pegasus Biotech offers a range of qPCR development services including assay design, assay validation, sample testing, and tech transfer under QMS compliance to support vaccine and/or biotherapeutic research and development. Our qPCR workflows are available as a standalone service or can be included with our upstream or downstream platforms.

What We Offer

  • Custom Probe/Primer Assay Design
  • Relative ddCt (delta-delta Ct) Quantitation or Absolute Quantitation using linearized plasmid standards or gDNA
  • Simple workflows using commercially available RNA/DNA purification kits, inventoried commercial probe/primers and quick turnaround times
  • Complex, multi-analyte, multiplexed workflows to identify targeted Genes.
  • Development of residuals assays or titer assays for process fluids (Host Cell DNA and RNA) and qualification/validation workflows.
  • We can process virtually any sample; tissues, Cells, Biofluids and FFPE (Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded) tissue.

qPCR for Process Development

  • We provide accurate and specific methods for determining levels of genomic contamination through our purification process, with the goal of protocol transfer to our client
  • We provide absolute quantitation with plasmid-based standard curves, and custom designed probe and primer sets for the client’s sequence of interest.
  • We optimize and validate probe sets using QbD (Quality by Design) to assess sample matrix influence on data output as well as spike recovery tests with standard plasmids.

We Can Help

We know each client is different. Send us details on your qPCR development requirements, and we will get back to you shortly with more information about how Pegasus can support your project's needs and goals.

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